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Everything about KULING

     Waterbird Research Group KULING was established in 1983 as an informal group dealing with autumn migration of waterbirds and waders in the Gulf of Gdansk. In 1996 we were registered as a non-governmental organisation. Since the beginning of our activity we have been closely related to the Department of Vertebrate Ecology and Zoology of the University of Gdansk and to its Student Scientific Ornithological Group.
     Nowadays KULING gathers professional ornithologists, students, as well as amateur ornithologists. Everyone who is over 16 and has taken part in our activities can belong to our Society.
     Several years of work has resulted in a number of publications in national and foreign magazines. They deal with wintering of birds in the Gulf of Gdansk, spring and autumn migrations of waders. Some of the publications also describe issues connected with occurrence and recognising the species that appear rarely and irregularly on the Gulf of Gdansk shore. Till now 86 papers were published based on data gathered by our group.
     Since 1984 we have been monitoring water pollution of the Gulf of Gdansk caused by oil, on the basis of number of dead, oiled birds found on the beach.
     We organise educational-research camps. In the course of our research programmes we have ringed about 50 000 birds. That is why we are regarded as one of the most effective wader ringing teams in the world.
     We run ecological education campaigns as well. They are aimed at students of primary schools, secondary schools and students, as well as at the local communities of the coastal region and tourists that come to visit the sites. We have made some educational paths and we have published guides and advertising leaflets. We have also distributed in many tourist spots on the Gulf of Gdansk coast colourful billboards informing about the birds that can be seen there.

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